Unique Train Repair Tools

There are many tools out there which can make toy train repair a breeze. Until recently, many of these tools were either only available to, or only known to, repair stations, and major national train collecting and operating clubs.

The rest of the world (including many members of the national clubs) was relegated to using or adapting existing tools to perform various maintenance functions; often causing more damage to a unit than they started with.

This web page is provided as a service to locating these tools. We do not sell them. In fact, we don't get anything if you contact the sellers and purchase them. But, we have purchased these tools, used them, and found them to be superb for their intended purpose and, therefore, worth bringing to your attention. More will be added as we find them or are made aware of them. All are available for purchase by the general public (individual hobbyists).

So, forget the pry bars, the hammers, the wobbly bench vices; yes ... even the blow torches! The tools listed here will really help you fix your trains in a skilled, professional manner.

To view these items, and obtain pricing and contact information, click on the thumbnail picture.


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Commutator Cleaners (Rush Erasers)

A safe, effective way to clean commutators without the risk of damaging or gouging them.

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Wheel/Rivet Press

Not just a press, but a complete work-center with a wide array of attachments, accessories and supplies (with more on the way). Comes with specs and instruction sheets.

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Gear Pullers

Two different styles of gear puller: One designed to assist in armature extraction from a Lionel prewar "humpback" or Lionel Jr. motor; another to remove more common varieties of "on-shaft" pinion gears.

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Pinion Gear Puller

A tool for removing pinion gears from armature shafts. Comes with two threaded rams; (1) blunt ram for breaking gear grip on shaft and pulling it to end of shaft; and (2) fine tipped ram for completing gear removal. Accepts shafts up to 1/8" O.D., and gears of up to 3/8" O.D.

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